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Our Foundation

NAT Power Pakistan is founded by a risk-taking entrepreneur and a professional executive with a financial background. Both have built companies globally, worked internationally, and are philanthropists for over 20+ years.
The rest of the team is equally qualified in their fields of science, technology, marketing and strategic communications. This diverse group brings their experience, talent and passion to NAT Power Pakistan with a sole-purpose to deliver smart portable shelters and structures, and sustainable natural energy, mostly using solar and wind, thereby reducing costs and carbon footprints, which has become the most important issue of our times. Each day our team writes the next page of our story.

Meet Our Founder

Muslim Lakhani Chairman and CEO

Muslim Lakhani
Chairman & CEO

Muslim Lakhani, a Pakistani American is Chairman of NAT Power Pakistan (PVT) LTD. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with over 35 years of global experience in the private sector. He has developed natural resources projects and led business ventures in the Middle East, Europe, USA, and South Asia.
Muslim has traveled widely throughout the world, in his youth as an international polo player, and later charting new entrepreneurial paths globally. Beginning his career in 1975 in the UAE, he was involved in a number of projects from starting Dubai’s first polo club with others to helping launch Abu Dhabi’s first commercial radio station, Capital Radio Abu Dhabi FM in 1979.
Throughout his journey, he has undertaken several high-risk ventures. In early 1999, he spearheaded a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, a heavy oil project in Egypt with a debt of over USD 25 million when the price of oil was less than US $12/barrel. When he left in 2003 and the company changed hands, it was in positive cash flow and producing under 4000 bbls/day. Eventually, the company was sold in 2006/7 to a very large fund for just under a billion dollars, when the price of oil was around $120+ a barrel.
In 2003/4 as chairman & chief representative in Pakistan, he helped with a top team of international & local mining experts to re-activate a publicly listed Australian mining company on the ASX, which had a non-stop drilling program. This resulted in the discovery of one of the world’s largest dormant copper mines when the price of copper was nearly at its historical low. This discovery was taken over by two of the largest copper and gold mining companies in the world in the late 2005/6. This discovery is in the remote province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. All of the exploration cost was a result of foreign direct investment (FDI). Today, it is among the most valuable strategic national asset worth Billions of dollars for Pakistan and Baluchistan.
Muslim is driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and believes that risk is rewarded if greed is not the driving factor. To read his full background please click the link:

Corporate Overview

NAT Power Pakistan provides solutions, which include Solar System Integration, Portable Smart Shelters, and Sewer Filtration Systems that recycle and purify contaminated water to obtain clean water for irrigation purposes, thus, saving sweet water aquifers underground.

With our office in Pakistan, NAT Power Pakistan adds consummate business value to industries through Consulting, Solar Power Infrastructure, Smart Shelter Provision, and Technical Services. Having a qualified team and top of the line products, makes us optimally equipped to provide effective solutions with comprehensive consolidation.

NAT Power Pakistan provides clients with the information they require to support their Strategic Power Optimization, Portable Shelter Installations, and Decision Making. Detailed technical advice and knowledge is provided through our team of highly qualified specialists and consultants.

Our customers range from common household, small, fast-moving organizations, through to large nationwide corporations, each with an individual set of needs and objectives. We are aiming for maintaining mission-critical projects in Government, Telecommunications, Military Defense, Oil and Gas, Universities, Hospitals, Banks and Financial Institutes, Housing, and other important sectors in Pakistan.

Our perseverance mirrors our ambition and we pride ourselves on the manner in which we manage both our customer and business partner relationships. Our future is based upon our ability to adapt to technological change and to appreciate our customer’s needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring latest technology to the region, build capacity, create hi-tech jobs for our youth, provide state-of-the-art solar solutions, and position NAT Power Pakistan as smart solution company in the region. In order to accomplish this, we aim to provide and variety of solutions for hospitals, schools, army barracks, housing, rural farming and more, which urgently requires to overcome insufficient off-grid power for Pakistan’s Armed Forces. The 70 Million+ populations is living off-grid and we aim to provide those people Simple, Portable, Reliable, Hybrid and Highly Rugged Power Systems and Sewer Purification Systems to provide water perfect for irrigation purposes. This in turn will reduce expenses and carbon footprints for on-grid commercial and private sectors via most powerful cell and highest wattage panels which convert the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity.

“Your Mission Is Your Focus, Providing The Smart Solution For It Is Ours”

All our customers perform mission critical tasks every day. Assured that their power infrastructure and portable shelter needs will be handled seamlessly by NAT Power Pakistan, we are focused to serve our customers with the right technologies with optimum level of support, premium quality solutions optimized with the latest technology and products from the USA, with the most reliable next generation portable shelters and structures, and most powerful cell and highest wattage fixed panels to produce renewable energy to lower the “Carbon Footprints” as per “The Kyoto Protocol” and “Doha Agreement”.

Our Mission

Our Motto

Our motto is to be a Green Solution Technology Company, to ensure an excellent Price Performance Ratio and to deliver Optimum Services Quality.

Our Presence

Our strategic focus lies on serving the markets countrywide, with expertise in Solar Systems, Smart Shelters,
Water Purification Systems for Irrigation Purposes.

We are currently based in Islamabad but dealing with inquiries all over the country.

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