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Solar Stik Inc.

Authority In Tailored Hybrid; Off-Grid Power Solutions
Designed And Manufactured In The USA

All of our systems are highly efficient, rugged, modular, portable, built and designed to MIL-STD-810G, operable in harsh climate conditions between temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C, with options for hybrid solutions.
We design every system around the following: scalability, adaptability, autonomy, durability, and portability. Our systems run autonomously through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and do not require any human assistance. In addition, all of our systems employ components that are manufactured and assembled in the USA and built in an open architecture format that focuses on reliability. We make usage extremely easy with all of our systems built entirely on plug and play connections.
With unmatched experience with uninterrupted reliable power, we have hundreds of systems in theatre with the US Army alone, and many additional systems deployed worldwide with the U.N and various other organizations. Many foreign militaries are currently fielding Solar Stik Systems in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East.

We Apply The “No Failure” Rule To All Products

We are especially addressing the 70+ Million off-grid population from all over Pakistan, including FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan. Our systems are a great fit for numerous uninterrupted continuous power applications ranging from NGOs, ambulances, emergency operating theatres, mobile OPD’s, disaster relief management, open-air theatres, sports stadiums, embassies for emergencies, oil fields, telecommunication towers etc., all the way to homes, hotels, motels, mountaineering, trekking and adventurous camping, especially up north and all the way down to the Karachi shoreline.
In addition, we also manufacture state-of-the-art, rugged 24/12 VDC Lithium Ion and Non-Spillable Lead Acid Batteries.

Our UPS-X (X-Tended & X-Panded) is a rugged back-up power solution that enhances power for any operational setting in phishing climatic conditions. When the real need arises, UPS -X comes into play during your power outages. It’s also a plug and play solution to your desired need for power backups. For more information click here.

Furthermore, Solar Stik provides 24/7/365 tech support on all products. Our lines are always open.
As Sole Distributor in Pakistan for Solar Stik, NAT Power Pakistan is answerable for all warranties passed on to us on all products from Solar Stik.

Easy to Use

A single-page diagram is the only instruction needed to set up a Solar Stik System. Polarized Plug & Play connections protect both user and equipment during setup and operation.


Critical systems and life-saving equipment require continuous, uninterrupted power. We apply the “No Failure Rule” in the design of every product we build.

24/7 Support

Dialing our Tech Support phone number, anytime day or night, will connect you with one of our Solar Stik system support specialists—not a voice mail or messaging service.

Open Architecture

Increasing a system’s flexibility, functionality, and usefulness by opening the architecture to allow integration of add-on products extends a system’s life cycle by meeting changing user requirements.

Made in the USA

We believe in the quality and supply chain security that’s realized by using domestically produced components in Solar Stik products.


We design and build portable power solutions. The components that comprise our systems are human portable and specifically engineered for the 1 kW to 10 kW power spectrum.


The Solar Stik System can adapt to meet specific power needs and changing environmental conditions. The open architecture design with easy-to-use, Plug & Play connections gives users the flexibility to incorporate advanced technologies and select power generation, energy storage, and power management options to create an optimized configuration for the application.


Our power systems can be scaled up or down as conditions change. All components in our system can quickly be daisy-chained together with an identical component, allowing users to balance system capabilities between power demands and requirements.


Solar Stik Systems are ruggedized, durable, and provide power in the most punishing environments in the world. We apply MIL-810G Standards in the construction of the components integrated in our systems.


The need for self-sufficiency while sailing inspired the design requirement of autonomy for all Solar Stik Systems. Our systems have the ability to operate independent of grid- or utility-produced power.

Tools For Professionals

Solar Stik® configures portable power solutions built with precision and respect for the people who depend on their performance.



Superior Technology Integration Knowledge

A lantern’s light guides us through dark or unknown places.

There was no lantern when we started exploring the world of portable power—so we wrote STIKopedia as a guide for better understanding electricity basics and portable power systems.

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