Modular Deployable Medical Infrastructure (MDMI) – “ICU In A Box,”

For Hospitals, Airports, Remote Areas, Army Barracks, Hotels & Other Structures

Approved By The US Army Corps of Engineers & Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Certified By The US Department Of Defense

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Amid these perilous times WHS, using its patented solution, has created the Modular Deployable Medical Infrastructure (MDMI) or “ICU in a Box,” which is a World Health Organization (WHO) Compliant Pop-up, Portable Facility of stellar quality and versatility. It is an ideal solution to not only deal with the present pandemic, but also an essential rapid response tool for the long-term in any future crisis. It has successfully been used in other crisis situations around the world enabling medical professionals, disaster responders, and warfighters to operate in inhospitable and energy deprived austere environments.
In order to get a visual understanding of this state-of-the-art shelter and building solution, please refer to the Videos below.

Lightweight, quickly assembled, high-efficiency structures, the WHS MDMI delivers an average R-32 of thermal insulation, vastly reducing energy dependence, stretching available energy, and enabling the use of alternative energy sources. Able to be deployed on unimproved ground and catered to size as per requirement (1-200 bed hospitals), the MDMI provides critical shelter instantly – when you need it, where you need it.

It’s our firm view that a similar approach will be of enormous benefit to Pakistan in its fight against the virus as it is a highly efficient, reliable and rapid solution that would readily cater to the inevitable surge in patients expected in the coming months. With possibilities to assemble in the parking lots of hospitals, airports, hotels and large buildings; this would provide a separate, self-contained unit for COVID-19 patients that would quarantine them from the main structure and thereby contain the spread of the virus and not disrupt the business of the running concern.

Crucially for Pakistan, the MDMI can be equipped with cutting edge water purification, water from air, and sewage filtration systems, which recycle and purify wastewater into clean water excellent for irrigation; thus saving underground sweet water levels/ aquifers.

This unit can even be sold separately.

Its other outstanding feature is its adaptability. The MDMI can be easily re-used once the COVID-19 crisis is over, for a variety of purposes, including barracks for soldiers, schools, hospital expansions and farming facilities with irrigation.

MDMI is designed to WHO standards and approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and extensively deployed by the US Department of Defense.

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